Mold Inspection & Testing


Mold growth is a common problem, a leak or water intrusion can easily result in a mold issue.

Mold can be the cause of numerous respiratory diseases, as well as cause expensive property damage. Some home owners may not even be aware of any water damage, but suspect mold growth due to the musty odor that mold gives off. If you have recently experienced any form of water damage or suspect mold, you need to have mold testing and mold inspection completed by a professional testing group like Pure Air Indoor Solutions as a first step to determine if remediation and removal is necessary.  Our mold inspections and mold test will give you ample information, such as the species of mold found, and the amounts of spores that were found during the test.  Knowing the kind of mold is important in planning ahead for a remediation, or removal.  Different chemicals affect different species of mold differently, therefore this information is vital to a successful remediation.

mold inspection


Why should you test for mold?

  • Testing for mold is important if you suffer breathing problems in your home, as  it can help your doctor diagnose you better.
  • A mold inspection should include moisture mapping report, which can will help you identify the source of moisture that is helping the mold develop.
  • To test the indoor air quality in your home by measuring the amount of spores in the air.
  • It is always important to do a mold inspection after a remediation and flood event at your property.  As this will identify if mold is still present and in what amounts.
Mold Allergy

How mold affects people?

Expose to mold can cause symptoms such as nasal stuffiness, eye irritation, wheezing, or skin irritation.
People with serious allergies to mold, may have more severe reactions. In 2004 the Institute of Medicine (IOM) found there was sufficient evidence to link indoor exposure to mold with upper respiratory tract symptoms, cough, and wheeze in otherwise healthy people. Other recent studies have suggested a potential link of early mold exposure to development of asthma in some children. Mold has a very serious effect on human health, therefore you should only hire certified professionals to deal with the problem.
Pure Air Indoors Mold Inspection  and Remedial Protocols, are generated with the knowledge and experience of out Team. We are NORMI CertifiedACAC Certified, Board Certified, and Certified by the State of Florida. License number MRSA2337.

There is no conflict of interest as Pure Air Now does not perform any remediation.  All our test are accurate and truthful.

Mold Testing and Remedial Protocols

Post Remediation Verification

If you had to have a remediation done at your property, it is important to perform a Post Remediation Verification. This type of inspection is performed after the remediation is done to confirm that the remediation worked and the levels of spores is lower. Post Remediation Verification should be performed by a separate company from the one that performed the remediation. This ensure no conflict of interest and accurate results. All affected areas should be mold tested to guarantee that all levels are below safe levels of fungal ecology.

Culture Testing

Culture tests are where mold particles in a sample from the home are grown into larger mold colonies in a lab. This way culture tests identify the species of molds in houses. Only mold particles that are still alive can be grown. However dead mold particles in the home still cause allergies and health problems. Other tests can detect both living and non-living mold in a home but can’t always identify the species of molds.

Surface Tape Testing

The inspector will use specialized Surface Testing Tape to gather samples of surfaces in your home for testing. This samples will be professionally stored in a cross contamination-free container to ensure the accuracy of the test. This samples will be then taken to a certified laboratory.

Air Test

The Inspector will bring a Specialized Air Sampling System which will gather samples from inside of your home, as well as outside to establish a baseline. All samples gathered are professionally stored in a cross contamination-free container, which will keep all tests as accurate as possible. This samples will be then taken to a certified laboratory for testing. This sample will test for the concentration of mold spores in your home’s air.