HVAC Maintenance and Repair


Pure Air Now, offers a membership for those who want to join our preventive maintenance program. We are willing to advise you through a technical visit to determine the best package according to your need.

Our preventive maintenance services includes periodic visits by our group of technicians in your particular space, whether residential or commercial, to inspect, evaluate and analyze the proper functioning of your equipment, as well as pipe cleaning, filter changes and some parts that vary in Each packet scheduled. In addition, we offer advice to make your home or office a healthier place and free of contaminants.

Currently, our members are already enjoying our services and benefits. And they do not have to worry about suffering any kind of emergency in their HVAC unit because our service is 100% guaranteed. "An HVAC emergency can generate excessively high unexpected expenses in your economy, not counting all allergenic and respiratory diseases and increased payment for your monthly energy service."

People who generally forget to perform maintenance on their HVAC unit suffer from the following symptoms: Higher monthly energy expenses; Greater number of HVAC emergencies on abrupt changes of temperature; Increased spread of a pollutant; Common faults in parts and more likely that your system collapse completely by working forced with multiple symptoms. However, the most important thing is that people forget that this is the main source of air they breathe and receive the air conditioning they require and are exposed to many diseases such as allergies, respiratory problems, outbreaks, among others due to dirt, dust, Mold, moisture and others.

Pure Air Now, wants you to make your home or office the ideal healthier place for your health and the health of your whole family. It is worth to have an air in good condition. Do not think about it anymore and call us! Our group will be very happy to advise you. Take advantage of our estimates totally free!



Having a good internal air system that generates the most stable air conditioning is the maximum comfort that your home, company, home or office can have. However, in a community like ours that we depend 100% of the HVAC a failure in its unit not only can affect your air conditioning but also can have a great significance in your health.

It is difficult to determine when an HVAC can present a fault because that depends on several factors such as: sudden change of weather, bad handling of temperatures, noises, blockages in the equipment, old HVAC units and / or multiple repairs by inexperienced ones; In addition to the breaking of essential parts, among others. It is for this reason that we have a great technical team fully certified and trained in all types of HVAC brands, in charge of determining, inspecting and evaluating your air unit with all the necessary requirements and guarantees to provide you with the best service adjusted to your needs.

Do not think about it, we are your best alternative because we are on your side taking care of your pocket, and our diagnostics are based on real inspections and evaluations of your equipment. Take advantage of our free estimates so that you can identify the fault in your HVAC and can solve it quickly.