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Summer is the season most awaited by all and is always accompanied by high temperatures, longer days and shorter nights. And as a result, the demands on air conditioners are increasing every day. That is why, the HVAC of your home, office or business tend to collapse and generate technical emergency services. And the last thing you want in "summer" is having a problem or failure in your unique cooling system. For this reason, at Pure Air Now, we have a team of highly certified experts who have all the experience, quality and efficiency in repair and / or installation. Also, we offer inspection service, evaluation through our laboratories and cleaning of pipelines to determine a contaminant and eliminate it completely; Additionally, we offer a preventive maintenance program tailored to your needs.

Pure Air Now is specialized in providing environmental solutions in its interior space. And we do not want you to have any concerns or that your health is affected by any contaminants; Nor that much less you have to cover an excessive expense from your pocket and have to be exposed to exhaustive heat due to an emergency in your HVAC.

Our technical team offers a 100% guaranteed service so we have all the licenses, insurance and permits required by the State of Florida; Because for Pure Air Now our customers are the most important. In addition we are now offering free estimates! Schedule your appointment with us now! Call us on 954 840 4242.