Corporate Values

For Pure Air, our corporate values ​​are our personal brand because they identify our goals within our company and among the community. We work with seriousness, professionalism and excellence in consequence with our duties and rights as partners, in accordance with our commitment to the company.


♦ Initiative: Demonstrated through the behavior and attitude of our team assuming with ethics, enthusiasm and professionalism new challenges and goals in the service.

♦  Innovation: Because we use state-of-the-art the equipment and apply the latest scientific and medical advances in decontamination of air quality and in the prevention of environmental solutions.

♦  Excellence: Because we excel in the state of Florida for our excellent work, professionalism and guaranteed effectiveness in our services always thinking about the well being of the community.

♦  Honesty: Because we always carry out all our inspections, sampling and diagnostics; And in turn, we provide environmental solutions with total transparency and rectitude.

♦  Responsibility: With our community as a social challenge to improve indoor air quality, prevent diseases and generate sustainability standards for future generations.

♦  Trust: Because we believe in our team because of their professional attitudes and initiatives that allow us to provide a competent integrated and guaranteed service.

♦  Respect: Because we listen, understand and value the other, seeking harmony in interpersonal, work and commercial relationships.

♦  Teamwork: Because we count with the contributions of our technical team, and associates such as doctors and scientists who intervene in the fair diagnosis of each process.