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At Pure Air, our experience and focus has made us a unique company in the service of interior environmental solutions because we have more than 20 years of experience in construction and restoration in the commercial and residential field. And it is for this reason that we decided to evolve and create deeper internal air quality assessment standards based on tests and diagnostics using state-of-the-art technologies, accompanied by new scientific and medical advances designed precisely to preserve good health and well-being of our community.

We are committed to excellence in providing the services necessary to minimize physical damage and disruption of your space, ensuring a successful restoration because we understand the complexities of mold restoration and will always offer our clients a more detailed and effective report which can help you determine the magnitude of damages and what implies repair without exceeding unnecessary expenses.

At Pure Air, we also know the importance of having a successful restoration project avoiding a cross-contamination process. For this reason, we design preventive and maintenance plans in HVAC units and educate the community about the importance of maintaining optimal self-efficacy conditions. In the same way, the importance of continuously performing the cleaning of ducts because it is supremely important and indispensable in the process of prevention of allergenic, viral diseases, among others.

Our vast experience for years in the service to the community has allowed us to stand out for our excellent quality, professionalism and guarantee in our services of decontamination of the air quality and design of environmental solutions. Within that process, we have incorporated every day more specializations, licenses, insurance and certifications to become a preferred company in the State of Florida. Pure Air is a Member of Indoor Air Quality Association INC.; IICRI, ICRC, NORMI, 1AQ, IEAQC; VSMR and NADCA certified.

At Pure Air, our main objective is that through our services, our clients can obtain a smart savings by optimizing the quality of their air, minimizing risks of diseases by some pollutants, which can mean an improvement in the quality of human life, having greater energy efficiency in the interior space and generating significant savings that our competitors could not guarantee.

We value and support our team, so we provide continuous training in the industry. In addition, we provide the best equipment with the latest technology as a work tool and our technical team works with scientists in laboratories, medical experts, government agencies and non-governmental agencies to continually expand and exchange diagnoses and preventive knowledge on how to protect and how to improve human health in the interior space.

With our solid and extensive industry background, represented by our experienced and specialized assessors working throughout the State of Florida, we have become a technologically and scientifically advanced company that is prepared to take on new challenges and goals for our clients, namely, commercial properties, residential properties, public adjusters, insurance companies, lawyers, and realtors that are interested in using our services.

“For nearly a quarter of a century, Pure Air has been the trusted leader in INDOOR AIR QUALITY. We’re a one-stop indoor air solutions company, offering our residential and commercial customers the trust, dependability, fair pricing, and quality service they expect and demand. PureAir’s professionalism and expertise have helped thousands of Floridians to live to healthier┬álives.”



Rafael Rivera

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